When: Tuesday, 4-5:15 pm, 8th October 2019 (11 Weeks)

Venue: 14 Price Street, Torquay, VIC 3228.

 Cost: $190 per child for the 11 week course

 Contact Details: Lucinda Light 0419 802 527

Join LuLu and a bunch of cool kids for creativity, improvisation, imagination and collaboration. This is a jam packed 75 minute class every week for 11 weeks! See your child's confidence soar and enjoy their journey of being part of a really fun club with like-minded creative kids. Lucinda Light is passionate about facilitating a space for expression, collaboration and enthusiasm for life! Tuesday 8th October 4-5.15 pm $190/per child for whole 11 weeks. Call 0419 802 527.

drama club Starts 8th October 2019!