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Torquay Community House

Many of our facilitators, tutors and Volunteers are working with us to bring your virtual class or activity keeping you connected, engaged and socialising while physically distancing.

To join an online class you will need to be a House Activity Member you can join HERE. If you are experiencing financial hardship please let us know. 

Once you are a member you need to enrol in your class or group. You can do that HERE

After you are enrolled you will be you will be added to Microsoft Teams and will receive an automatic email also telling you about this. Please feel free to ignore that email as you are not required to do anything. This is simply us circumnavigating a more complex system to keep it simpler for you. 

Once we have scheduled your class you will receive another email with a link to the class. We do need you to pay attention to this one! About five minutes before class time simply click the link in the second email, follow a few quick steps and you will be ready to go.

We have a very simple guide to show you exactly what to do, step by step to download HERE


How to Join a Virtual Class

Step 1: Become a House Activity Member HERE   
Step 2: Enrol in your Group or Class HERE

Step 3: About 5 minutes before scheduled class time follow the link in the meeting email that will be sent to you. Download the simple step by step guide HERE


 Contact Details:  5261 2583

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