This program with tutor Jan Cheatley will cover the topics of Ageing, Stress and Living with Loss and Change.

Workshop 1-Ageing:
Look at strategies for keeping our attitudes young and our living enjoyable; ‘Old and 
Growing Vs Growing Old’. 

Workshop 2-Stress: In this workshop we look at ways of harnessing the stress in our lives—how to make it a positive force. There will also be some practical tips for managing our finances and budget. Financial stress will be given a focus with management techniques.

Workshop 3-Living with loss and change: Loss and change are inevitable in our life journey. We’ll build our understanding and find ways to move through with minimal damage and coping strategies.

When: Thursdays from 1st March –15th March (3 weeks) 

Venue: 14 Price Street, Torquay, VIC 3228

 Cost: $60 or $45 concession

 Contact Details:  5261 2583

Spaces are limited so Bookings are essential

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Living (& ageing) gracefully and positively