The Q & A Panelists (Helen Treuel, Jenny Leahy, Bronwyn McNamee and Gerry Baldock) are Surf Coast locals who have been employed in a range of capacities with asylum seekers and refugees both here in Australia and on Nauru and have a first-hand experience and understanding of their reality.

Everyone is welcome to participate for free in an informative and challenging evening organised through the Surf Coast Rural Australians for Refugees.

If attending and you would like to pose a question for the panel in advance, please forward your question of up to 80 words c/o

To book your place at the Q&A, please phone 5261 2583 Monday -Thursday 9am -3.30pm

Q & A Kids in Nauru

When:   Wednesday 14 November  6.30pm – 8pm

 Venue: 14 Price Street, Torquay, VIC 3228

 Cost: FREE

 Contact Details:  5261 2583

Spaces are limited so Bookings are essential

RSVP: 52612583 or email 

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