When: 4th Sunday of month starting April 28th


Cost: $20 per session

​​Venue: 14 Price Street, Torquay, VIC 3228

 Contact Details:  If Interested please contact Tonia 0419541913 Email: tflreiki@gmail.com Website:www.treeofopportunity.com.au

 ​Spaces are limited so bookings are essential

Women's Discussion Group

Come and share your afternoon with Tonia Ramus and other women. Be open to new ideas, friendship, discussion and a new way to look at life. This group will investigate your perception of the world and yourself through discussion of relevant topics.

April 28th: Self Image – From how you dress to how you feel about yourself.

May 26th: Personal Space – What does that mean to you? Public personal space and private personal space.

June 23rd: 'What are your emotions telling you?' A look at emotions as indicators of imbalance in your life. I